Why Partner?

Create a Compelling Time-to-Value Proposition with Pneuron as Your Partner.

Pneuron helps our partners drive and increase margins by enabling seamless execution of strategy and industrialization of IP, without going down the traditional path of large investments in offshore resources.

Results matter to your clients, and the faster you can deliver them, the more value you’ll generate to your own organization’s bottom line. Partnering with Pneuron allows you to do just that — accelerate solution development, introduce additional application functionality quickly, and speed time-to-value by ‘productizing’ existing IP.

Pneuron Certified Partners reap the benefits of leveraging our Distributed Platform to fill the gaps in their strategy execution, alignment and adjustment efforts, and deliver robust distributed solutions optimized for the complexities of their customers’ business environments.

Our Partners Include:

  • Solution / Service Providers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Technology Providers
  • Application Providers

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“Pneuron is undoubtedly a key innovator of the future.”— Larry Tabb, CEO, Tabb Group