The Pneuron Way

Business Problems Solved with Technology – at the Speed of Enterprise Today.

Founded by business people to solve an all-to-common enterprise problem, Pneuron is taking a different approach to addressing the complexities and opportunities of the 21st century business—with a focus on accelerating business value.

We’ve experienced the challenges that enterprises today face: data, systems, infrastructure, suppliers and clients are all highly distributed, yet the solutions they deploy are traditionally monolithic, silo-based and centralized. In response, we’ve built a groundbreaking solution that is purposefully architected to rapidly and flexibly design, deploy and run distributed solutions that solve business problems at their source, and at half the time, cost and risk of traditional centralized alternatives.

Business Challenges Solved with Technology – at Their Source.

Why use a centralized method to solve a distributed problem? That’s the question that led us to develop the Pneuron platform, a flexible foundation on which enterprises can quickly develop solutions to complex global business problems—without the need for centralized databases, data integration, application replacement or additional infrastructure. Instead, the platform allows users to:

  • Accelerate solution development and application deployment time by as much as 50%.
  • Distribute analytics and business logic to where data lives and processing should occur.
  • Build business solutions that flexibly leverage the best of your environment and our platform to maximize project ROI.
  • Interoperate multiple technology disciplines on a single integrated distributed platform.

In doing so, the platform enables accelerated application development and application deployment, as well as creation, deployment, and management of new products, analytics, and operational best practices at a fraction of the cost of centralized alternatives.

“Pneuron is truly a game changing capability.”— Robin Bloor, CEO, Bloor Group

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT.

analytics needs and problems solved with technology
The Pneuron platform was architected to combat the traditional challenges that cause business user frustration and extra IT burden. Business problems solved with technology are only successful if collaboration between business units and IT exists. Visual solution configuration maximizes business user accessibility and minimizes repetitious data integration, procurement, and development cycles for IT. Now, both sides can work together to create a winning solution.

Redefining Your Time, Cost & Risk Expectations.

business problems solved with technology for 50% time & cost savings
In resource planning, high-value projects must often be set aside to meet compliance and other risk-reducing demands. By avoiding multiple product acquisitions, eliminating large data integration efforts, and reducing project labor and infrastructure requirements, the Pneuron platform cuts time and costs by 50% or more—helping you bring more valuable projects ‘above the line’.

At Pneuron, our focus is clear: to decouple global business creativity and innovation from the traditional technology barriers that have stifled competitiveness in the past – with business problems solved with technology that enhances, not inhibits, the freedom needed to be a nimble 21st century enterprise.