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Microservices & Containers... A Pneuron Perspective

This eBook compares the benefits and challenges of "classic" microservices to Pneuron’s unique microservices-style approach which we call “microservices for the rest of us”.

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Financial Services Use Case: Compliance Investigative Look-Back

Learn how Pneuron’s platform enabled this investigation firm to rapidly create intelligent workflows to automate its "look-back" process, reducing investigation cycle times by 50% within just 4 weeks.

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Microservices & Containers: The Pneuron Perspective

Learn why Pneuron is “microservices for the rest of us,” and an excellent entry point for organizations wishing to rapidly innovate, deploy, and scale this new architectural style.

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Deploy Solutions at the Speed of Business

Instead of lengthy data centralization projects, Pneuron's platform enables IT to leverage existing assets to solve business challenges, quickly. See how.

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The Pneuron Distributed Platform: A New Paradigm

Discover the capabilities of Pneuron’s platform, and how it was designed from the ground up to overcome the speed, cost, and agility challenges faced in modern business environments.

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