Supply Chain

Easily Build, Maintain, and Optimize the Workflows Required for Total Supply Chain Transparency.

What if you could have the robust ability to sense and respond to supply and demand “events” with a timely and complete view of your end-to-end inventory – even across a “virtualized” supply chain? With the visibility and analytics enabled by Pneuron, you can.

The Problem

Maintaining operational excellence has grown in complexity as narrower margins, global competition, and shorter product cycles require the utmost in precision and efficiency across the end-to-end supply chain. With rapidly changing market, competitor, and product dynamics, product companies must have a robust ability to sense events, decide a best course of action based on all relevant factors, then launch one or more actions to best respond.

To do this, firms must start with a reliable and timely view of their complete end-to-end inventory – but accomplishing this fundamental requirement is itself challenging across the wide range of systems used by members of the virtual supply chain.

The Solution

Pneuron gathers, integrates and applies analytics to highly distributed supply chain data to provide the necessary visibility and management tools to effectively manage critical resources, launched on a scheduled or event-driven basis to gather targeted data from the diverse supply chain elements.

Pneuron can complement an existing ERP system (e.g. SAP) which can perform management and analysis of in-house information. Pneuron will non-invasively source, integrate and analyze data from all parts of the supply chain, and in support of (or for) the ERP system, perform analyses to improve end-to-end management.

The Pneuron Result

With the Pneuron platform, shorter time to value, greater ease of adapting to new requirements, and the ability to fundamentally change the productivity, consistency, and completeness of inventory transparency can be assured. This allows operations managers to confidently leverage a highly virtualized model and reap the scaling and expertise of its partners.

Deployment Examples

Supply Chain Integration

As modern business continues to globalize, specialize and virtualize, tremendous challenges arise in maintaining supply chain transparency across a highly diverse environment. Pneuron enables companies to mitigate these risks by handling a diverse and distributed set of technologies that address the challenges of dealing with numerous entities in your supply chain that use disparate and often incompatible technologies.

Supply Chain Analytics

The Pneuron platform enables you to rapidly and non-disruptively access and extract targeted data or functionality from target systems,and apply diverse analytics at any point in a workflow to derive value-added insight related to everything from predictive stock-outs, to over stocks, and more.