IT Enablement

Enabling Technologists to Keep Pace with the Rapid Rate of Business Change.

With the speed of technology, regulatory, business, and market changes, IT is being challenged like never before. How can you maintain solution quality while accelerating delivery, despite the proliferation of systems, data, and overall change? With Pneuron, you can.

The Problem

Never before has the intersection of business and technology strategy been so intertwined and interdependent – with the actions of one creating both risk and opportunity for the other. Rapid changes in market and business trends are placing a very high premium on a firm’s ability to adapt.

These adaptations must be “smooth” – simultaneously effective, efficient, and most critically, non-disruptive to business operations. IT organizations must develop strategies that anticipate these impacts and have in place the people, processes, and technologies that support change.

The Solution

The Pneuron platform enables the agility IT organizations need to support 21st century business. Making rapid, non-invasive connections to key sources of intelligence, as well as the ability to easily re-configure data extraction, analytical processing, and results delivery all serve as foundational objectives of the platform, to support the ever-changing demands placed on IT.

The Pneuron Result

Pneuron provides an accessible, highly productive, flexible, and agile approach to building, maintaining, and optimizing the workflows required to perform the given test. The platform’s built-in connectors allow new source or destinations to be easily added or changed over the life of the test. Pneuron’s diverse delivery options allow results sets to be documented in multiple ways.

Deployment Examples

Enabling Distributed Analytics

The Pneuron platforms gives IT the ability to create intelligent workflows which require targeted inputs from diverse and distributed systems to perform the needed enrichment and interaction to convert insight into actionable (or actioned) intelligence.

These workflows yield a highly productive and fast approach to conceive, design, build, deploy, and run end-to-end testing solutions given tight timelines and limited financial resources.

Learn more about Pneuron’s Distributed Analytics approach here.

Unlocking Agility

Pneuron’s non-invasive integration fabric and distributed execution model provide tremendous speed and flexibility for deploying, maintaining, and optimizing workflows. Because Pneuron solutions are made up from discretely configured and executed building blocks called Pneurons, solution designers have the freedom to re-configure existing services, re-wire solution topologies, and re-distribute processing as volumes and resources dictate.

Critically, the visually based configuration of the entire solution invites subject matter experts and a broader set of contributors to the table to collaborate.