Pneuron 2.0 Release
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Introducing Pneuron 2.0
Enriched. Expanded. Enhanced.

Pneuron has released its 2.0 version giving enterprises an expanded ability to bypass traditional application strategies and solve data and process-related business challenges at a fraction of the cost and time.

Today many companies rely on a mix of manual processes coupled with software for big data, business intelligence and process management tools to get answers to pressing business questions. Gathering data from these disparate realms is a time-intensive, costly process that hinders enterprises’ ability to be agile in today’s competitive environment. Pneuron’s software orchestrates the process so companies can flexibly leverage their existing applications, infrastructure, services and data to create and deliver actionable intelligence directly into customer operations.

Pneuron 2.0 provides an expanded palette of design options for building, managing and deploying new solutions.

The latest features in Pneuron 2.0 include:

enriched user experience

Enriched User Experience

Significant redesigns of the Pneuron user interface, menus and navigation tools provide the positive visual experience users demand across the solution lifecycle.

expanded visualization

Expanded Visualization

Pneuron has added and enriched its library of graphical widgets in support of rich visualization experiences and extended its support for diverse data types, execution models and integration with third party data services.

enhanced solution management

Enhanced Solution Management

Pneuron has broadened its support for both standard and custom security configurations typically found in enterprise environments. In addition, enhancements in its handling of large workloads simplifies management of today’s data intensive applications.

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