Features and Components

Complete Lifecycle Functionality for Building Microservices-Style Solutions – in a Single Platform.

Pneuron is breaking new ground with advanced container functionality for rapidly building microservices-style solutions and deploying them to quickly solve targeted business problems. Our platform enables applications, data sources, functions, models, analytics, mobile devices and technology of any characteristic to integrate and cooperate as interoperable components of a non-invasive, low intrusion network.

The platform’s comprehensive library of configurable ‘pneurons’ act as interconnected services to create distributed solutions quickly and with unmatched agility, providing multiple options to integrate databases, files, or applications into an interoperable environment. They also provide execution control and value-added processing, performing any required set of standard or custom analytics with embedded or imported algorithms – then persist, visualize, or deliver results in various forms to meet varied requirements.

Solve the Distributed Processing Challenge.

The pneurons abstract the complexities of connecting and leveraging diverse points of value across the enterprise that are needed for building microservices-style solutions, but it’s the Cortex – the platform’s true brain power – that orchestrates computing, allowing users to manage capacity, resiliency, availability, performance and messaging from a single interface.

Key Features


  • Cluster Management: Better utilize compute resources by sharing the same infrastructure for a pneuron cluster and opt-in worker nodes specifically aligned to one or more different business problems (represented by unique pneuron networks) with dynamic resiliency measure for high availability.
  • Dynamic Capacity Management: Enable ‘elastic’ scaling by creating configurable models that align virtual machines (VM) utilization and optimization against load, costs, risk or any other preference.

Performance Management

  • Realm Management: Manage resource sets within “realms” to provide highly scaled operations, seamlessly utilizing all available technology assets by calling upon and releasing assets based on demand.
  • Real-Time Large Data Processing: Operate functions such as data acquisition, computations and the federation of analytical results in parallel on existing hardware capacity for fast performance.

Solution Agility

  • Click to Change: Quickly select, configure, and connect additional Pneuron-based applications into an existing solution, making project enhancements in days or weeks instead of months or years.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Avoid intermediary data stores to enable direct monitoring and alerts keyed to underlying data source changes or system events.


  • Message Delivery: Pneuron’s messaging infrastructure provides for durable messaging in situations demanding high availability. Administrative options provide for the selection of protocols aligned to the existing platforms and technologies within the environment.
  • Operations Notifications: Configure delivery of errors, warnings, alerts, and other informational messages about the operations of your designed networks and the core Pneuron platform to a broad set of enterprise destinations, including a database, file, or monitoring tools.

Distributed Execution

  • Cortex Communications: Seamlessly synchronize changes across your network as changes to one Cortex are auto-propagated to all others involved in the solution. This simplifies the management of change as new innovations and processing routines are developed and deployed for value.

Systems Accessibility

  • Web Service-Enabled: Allows outside applications to call pneurons via standard Web Services technology. This opens the possibility for rich integration with existing platforms where Pneuron can be used as a source, destination, or intermediate component of an existing business workflow.

The Bottom Line

The Pneuron distributed platform can play a variety of roles, from source, to destination, to intermediate component of sophisticated business workflows, providing a high performance and resilient distributed processing engine in support of complex business requirements and for building microservices-style solutions.

“Pneuron… is an outstanding enterprise data infrastructure solution.”
— Mark Gibbs, CIO Magazine/Forbes

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