How It Works

Distributed Platform Technology that Works How Your Business Works.

The philosophy behind the Pneuron distributed platform is simple: your data, systems, infrastructure, suppliers and clients are all highly distributed, so why should your solutions be centralized?

Providing robust, fully distributed integration, processing, and control, our integration platform is made up of three primary elements that enable end-to-end development, deployment and management of distributed solutions, applications or entire operating models—all with unmatched speed, agility, and cost savings.

Within this single platform, we’ve combined best-of-breed features from categories like Service Oriented Architecture, Distributed Computing, BPM, and ETL to create a unified technology to build, deploy, and run robust enterprise solutions.

distributed platform technology to connect business & IT

pneuron distributed platform cortex

The Cortex™

The ‘brains’ behind our innovative platform, Pneuron’s advanced container manages all aspects of solution deployment and services execution by controlling access and use of the distributed resources across a computing environment. Maintaining oversight over all distributed computing activities, the Cortex ensures enterprise-class performance and resiliency within a unified operating architecture.

By providing a superset of functionality compared to most Container technologies, the Cortex dynamically scales processing, manages messaging, supports resiliency requirements, and maintains solution configurations to dramatically simplify solution deployment.

pneuron distributed platform pneurons


These mini-applications run as a set of configurable components across a company’s infrastructure. Similar to the function of neurons in the human brain, each pneuron serves as part of a network with other pneurons to receive, process, and deliver messages which carry value-added results.

Acting alone as independent functions or services, they can be overlaid on top of existing applications or data, and connected in real time to create new products, workflows and operating models of any complexity.

pneuron distributed platform design studio

Design Studio™

Highly accessible to both business and IT users, Design Studio presents a visual interface to manage the entire solution lifecycle, making solution development a configuration, not coding, exercise. Design Studio invites the highly productive and direct collaboration needed to solve complex and rapidly changing business problems.

Use Design Studio to select, configure and connect individual Pneurons, creating a distributed instruction chain targeted at a discrete business problem. You can also iteratively extend the functionality of this new design, performing incremental tests to validate correct operations and results.

The Result?

The Pneuron distributed platform configures and manages highly interoperable, distributed components to solve problems involving distributed data, applications and infrastructure. Our distributed platform orchestrates all functionality, connectivity, processing, volume and control as a unified operating architecture, so you can design, deploy and run distributed solutions in a fraction of the time.