Distributed Analytics

Distributed Analytics: Take the Analysis to the Data for Transformative Business Gains.

Using Pneuron’s Distributed Analytics approach, enabled by our innovative distributed platform, you can deliver “Big Data” results incrementally – while mitigating the big risks, big delays, and big infrastructure investments so often associated with such projects.

To meet new analytics needs, the majority of enterprises are still using old centralized models. But because centralization precedes solution development, it brings along costly pre-requisites which not only delay value, but conflict with today’s increasingly distributed operating environment.

Pneuron’s paradigm of Distributed Analytics pushes analytics to source systems, eliminating the need to move, integrate, and rationalize data prior to developing value-added solutions for your analytics needs. Our platform is uniquely designed to help organizations overcome data and systems fragmentation, and react quickly to the challenges and opportunities that drive their organization’s success, including:

  • Compliance with new and evolving regulations
  • Integration of new or inherited systems often obtained through mergers and acquisitions
  • Reduction of resource or system costs across the organization
  • Development of new products and services to improve growth and market competitiveness

How Does Pneuron’s Distributed Analytics Approach Work?

In contrast to a centralized approach, Pneuron’s platform combines data acquisition, matching, rules, applications, models, analytics, processing and any other function together, and then distributes them seamlessly across the enterprise using existing application, network, and hardware assets.


With the Distributed Analytics approach enabled by Pneuron, you can decompose and distribute key elements of any business solution – and all with the fast deployment, simple configuration, and ease of adaption needed to stay ahead of today’s rapidly evolving business and compliance environments.

Pneuron’s integrated solution suite provides full development and deployment capabilities while complementing and integrating with existing and future technology investments. Solution designers can rapidly assemble robust solutions to their analytics needs by leveraging an optimal mix of native, embedded, and “called” analytical assets from across their environment.

What Analytics Needs Does Pneuron’s Approach Solve?

Modern business problems demand a set of powerful, flexible, adaptable, interoperable, accessible, and efficient analytics applicable across a wide range of business problems. But traditional fragmentation of data and systems limits organizations’ ability to understand customers, opportunities, and risks.

With Pneuron’s Distributed Analytics approach, enterprise-wide intelligence, awareness and visibility are achieved by connecting data and information, both internal and external, without intermediary databases, data models or transformation requirements. Now enterprises can rapidly convert analytic insight into business value by:

distributed analytics needs for visualization

Visualizing processing results derived from diverse sources and analytical activities

distributed analytics needs for real-time monitoring

Deploying a real-time monitoring fabric across diverse sources for event-driven sense and response to business events

distributed analytics needs for intelligent workflows

Executing Intelligent workflows as a service in response to event-driven requests

To learn more on why Pneuron Distributed Analytics is a proven and innovative approach to addressing business & analytics needs and regulatory challenges, schedule a 1-on-1 demo with our team today.