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We’ve changed the approach, so you can change the game.

Why use the same old application strategies to solve diverse new business challenges? Instead of compromising on time, cost, or agility, think differently with Pneuron.

No tradeoffs, just transformative results »

Quickly access and use the elements your ideas require – wherever they are.

Our platform enables you to easily connect to and work with the diversity of assets you have, can reach, and want to acquire – unleashing their full value in one solution.

Renew existing investments — and the creative spirit »

Respond to opportunities with the speed that modern business demands.

Rapidly and cost-effectively test and deploy innovative new ideas that address timely market needs, and evolve them just as quickly as those needs change.

Gain the agility to adapt effortlessly »

Unlock the value buried under years of legacy investments and the latest hype.

Rapidly connect diverse assets into intelligent workflows using the Pneuron platform’s microservices-style architecture. By removing costly pre-requisites, you gain the freedom to respond to business scenarios with greater agility than the competition.

Create measurable value in days or weeks vs. months or years.

Compliance Investigation Firm

compliance fraud reduction

Reduced fraud investigation cycle times by 50% within 4 weeks

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Specialty Insurance Leader

rapid deployment

Deployed a single view, integrated analytics solution in 90 days

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Global Financial Institution

cut financial processing cycles

Cut financial processing cycles from 3 hours to 12 minutes

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Global Wireless Solutions Distributor

rapid supply chain solution

Deployed a supply chain solution in
just 1 day

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Leveraging advanced container functionality, our platform enables rapid, distributed deployment of microservices-style solutions to quickly solve targeted business problems.

  • Configure Visually
  • Connect Flexibly
  • Test Iteratively
  • Report Universally

Pneuron’s intuitive, configuration-driven interface allows designers to quickly drag-and-drop micro-applications, data sources, business rules, analytics, and more to create targeted workflows aimed at specific business problems.

Workflows can be rapidly deployed as distributed processing networks that leverage advanced container functionality in a microservices-style architecture to non-invasively combine data interactions, analytics, and results delivery.

Built-in development and debug tools enable users to iteratively extend the functionality of their new design, rapidly performing incremental tests to validate correct operations and results with very low impact on existing operations.

See the visualization of results in Pneuron’s dashboarding application, or any incumbent platform. Our Enterprise Control Manager (ECM) offers an extensive library of “widgets” to easily visualize various forms of intelligence derived from a Pneuron network.

An Example of How to Select, Configure, and Connect a Pneuron Network


– Doug Laney, VP Research, Gartner Group

See how leaders across industries are using the Pneuron platform to make fundamental change in their business strategies, and transform their competitiveness from the ground up.

pneuron perspective microservices and containers

Microservices & Containers… A Pneuron Perspective

Microservices for application development has recently emerged as a leading technology practice, but the “classic” approach comes with many commitments. Learn why Pneuron is “microservices for the rest of us,” and an excellent entry point for organizations wishing to rapidly innovate, deploy, and scale this new architectural style.

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